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Hi, I’m mohamed , Mohamed , nice to meet you! I introduce myself in a few lines, like that, to tell you a little about myself: I am Berber desert and a few years ago, I created my first local agency; at the time I grew up as a person and with me the activity that I look after with my very staff … The staff is composed of Berber professionals, native of the Sahara Desert, and we organize trips to Morocco, tailor-made for you, by drawing the stages according to your requests, your interests and the budget at your disposal; we take you wherever you want. 

To keep you company, you will meet Mohamed, and other colleagues From Italy follows you, Mohamed always ready to answer every one of your questions: we do a team work, everything is always agreed. How can you Modacampmerzouga Tours s.a.r.l. has a tax office in Ouarzazate, but we work online: our cars are our office 😀 You find us everywhere: on Facebook where we have a « showcase page », which we update with photos of our guests’ travels (when we allow ourselves

Don’t listen to what they say, go see.

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